Sexy Leanna Decker Dancing In Her Underwear In Front Of A Huge Mirror Is What The Doctor Ordered


Instagram / Leanna Decker

Yesterday, the world’s greatest redhead, Leanna Decker, tossed up this video of her dancing in front of a mirror wearing nothing but her bra and underwear with the caption: “Yes I can! Nothing like a little floor sliding and Sammy to jump start your day (yes those are POPTART SOCKS)”. Which confused me on several levels: (1) why wasn’t I invited over for the underwear dance party at Leanna’s house and (2) I honestly had no idea that Pop Tarts still existed. After watching the video I began to bounce around Leanna Decker’s Instagram channel a little bit an caught myself up on what this beautiful model’s been up to recently (pics down below), and I think you’re going to love what the photos she’s been putting out lately:

Anyways, after I watched the video I gotta admit that I became a little concerned, Leanna. You’re starting your day at 5pm (2pm if you’re on the West Coast)?!?! I know a lady has to get in her beauty rest, and based on the photo down below you also had a shoot yesterday, so you were probably just squeezing in a few hours of rest. But 5pm!? Anways, let’s get to the pics: