The Girl Who LeBron James ‘Liked’ On Instagram Is Considering Dropping Out Of School To Be A Booty Model

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Today in SMH. Remember the on-going saga of Josett Latrice, the girl on Instagram who caused LeBron James to “end” a self-imposed social media blackout to like her booty pic? Now that the world’s most popular basketball player showed his thirst by “liking” her booty pic on social media, she’s considering a career change. This would involve dropping out of veterinarian school “to focus on modeling.” Via TMZ:

“It makes me feel awesome…I LOVE the fact he liked my picture.”

Josett has been studying to be a veterinarian — but says now that she’s got Bron’s stamp of approval, she’s considering taking serious steps to focus on modeling instead.

“It’s definitely a sign from God.”



Just… No.


That is NOT a sign from God.

If she follows through, Latrice’s decision makes me weep for humanity’s future. Yes, it’s cool that Lebron liked your pic out of all the millions of booty pics on Instagram to like. But it’s cool in the way you brag to your friends about getting a free fountain soda at Chipotle because the cashier notices that you eat there a lot — it’s not life-altering cool. What’s the end-game? A second-rate Jen Selter Instagram account with thousands of pathetic thirsty followers? It’s a pathetic claim-to-fame.

Be a veterinarian, Josett. The world doesn’t need more people craving attention for the sake of attention on social media. The animals you’ll help rescue over the course of a 30+ year career in a professional field will be more personally enriching than being a washed-up modeling career in ten. Have some humility. Have some dignity.

Stay in school, please. We’re begging you.

[H/T: Dime]

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