Check Out The Latest Super Hot Girl Leonardo DiCaprio Is Reportedly Hooking Up With Now (20 Pics)

Let’s see, it’s been one month and three days since Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly hooked up with a hot young model so yeah, this timing seems about right.

Leo must have taken the month of March off after the big Oscar win, because before that he was reportedly dating a different young model in February.

Of course this new model he’s been reported to be hanging with is 23-years-old, because we already told you EXACTLY what type of women Leo loves and she fits the profile.

Her name is Victoria Lee Robinson and they were seen together leaving Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour after-party in New York last weekend, according to Esquire.

So, anyway, on to the important stuff – the photos. Get a good look because come June we’ll probably have a different girl to report about.