Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Do Anything This Weekend


I must begin this by saying I love you, regular Sunday BroBible readers. You could be out jet skiing, or grilling a skirt steak, or plotting the murder of someone who needs to be murdered. But you are here, metaphorically, reading the articles I produce, because blog rests for no man.

So, thank you. And to thank you guys, here every Sunday, I try to provide you with top-quality Lindsay Lohan content from her weekend. With her partying in Ibiza and Greece over the past month, it has been boon times.

But I am sad to report that today, there is nothing to report.

Lindsay Lohan posted nothing to Instagram. She posted nothing to Twitter. I hope she is not dead, but that sort of speculation is not unreasonable at this hour. Please tweet #islilookay to raise awareness.

If the situation changes, I promise to update you. Anyway, here’s a photo from her Instagram account that I never got around to posting. Also, the header pic is from a shoot she did with Wonderland Magazine this week. Can’t wait for it to come out.

You would do her.

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