Lindsay Lohan Just Did Her Craziest Thing Ever, And We Can’t Stop Laughing

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Hold one one second, I’m still doubled over, gasping for breath.

I’m not ready yet.

Nope, still not.

Look, we’ve documented the crazy things Lindsay Lohan has done over the years. Fuck, that’s practically my job at this point. There was the time she ruined a wedding by running around naked. Remember when she got coked up at a bar and tried to fight everyone while shouting racial slurs? And who of us could forget the S1,300 check she bailed on?

So when I, LiLo Insane Mode aficionado, say this is pretty crazy, I think I should be taken seriously.


That’s right, She, of the age of 29, is engaged to her 22-year-old boyfriend.

They of the few months long relationship.

Like I said. LOLs. Anyway, good for Lindsay. I couldn’t be happier that you found someone.

But Egar, Bro. As someone who got entangled in crazy when I was 22, admittedly with someone my own age, I understand how hard it is to extricate yourself from it, especially when it’s because the sex is so good. Shit, there were definitely times I thought getting married would just be easier than trying to leave. It can be that debilitating. Plus, the sex was so good.

Come on, son. I know you are only 22, but you don’t marry the crazy girl who you just met because the sex is so great.

God, I imagine the sex is so god damn great, though.

Yea, who am I kidding here? I’d marry her the second I got the chance, too.

Nice work, dude.

This is, if you’ll note the URL, the second time we’ve reported on her engagement to someone.

No idea whatever happened there.

[H/T Brando]

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