Lindsey Pelas Has A Pretty Awesome Response To Slut Shamers

by 3 years ago

There’s no easy way to say this: People are dicks online. Men, women, etc. They say things they’d never say IRL only because they feel safe behind the keyboard. The vitrol is sad, really, and the people most affected by it are people like the lovely Lindsey Pelas, who just wrote an insightful essay for Cosmopolitan on how she responded to these trolls:

I’ve been called a ho, whore, slut, and bitch. I used to feel really upset when I read nasty comments. But now I feel it’s just a display of ignorance. I’m not mad at you if you want to call me a ho — I’m mad at your mom and dad, I’m mad at your educators, I’m mad at your society that you think that that’s OK.

If it makes me feel good to take a cute picture of myself, if I feel good that I have cleavage, if I like my shirt, I’m going to do what I want to do, because it’s natural to me. I’m not trying to date anyone, I’m not trying to sleep with anyone, I’m certainly not trying to make you angry, so I don’t understand where the criticism has to come from. Why does what I do offend anyone else, ever?

I don’t even enjoy the word “slut-shamer” because I feel like it’s validating the word [“slut”]. I’m not actually a slut. The fact that I’m wearing a short dress doesn’t make me a slut. I refuse to accept the word “slut” as part of my description. It’s misogyny. If you insult women for their bodies online, I feel sorry for you.

And than she added this on Twitter, for the win:

Well said. She explains it even more her own words in the video above.

Reminds me of how Instagram models Emily Sears and Laura Lux started shaming creepy guys who slid into their DMs with dick pics earlier this year. Pelas should figure out a way for putting people who do that in place.

Be less creepy, guys. Way less creepy.

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