Wait, Lindsey Pelas Is A UFC Octagon Girl Now?! Hot Damn, She Sure Is And Looks Damn Good Doing It

I may have to re-calibrate my unofficial rankings of UFC Octagon Girls now that they have gone and thrown Lindsey Pelas into the mix.

Before I had pretty much settled on Arianny Celeste as the queen, after much back and forth, but now this really changes everything.

Adding Pelas to the stable of sexy models along with Celeste, Brittney Palmer, Kristie Pearson, Jamillette Gaxiola and the rest of the crew completely mixes things up.

I mean, we’re talking about the woman who made this…

And now she’s an Octagon Girl?

I REALLY like the direction this new UFC ownership is heading…

If the new owners are looking to pump up ratings, and I know that they are, then more like this please…

Thank you!

H/T The Underground