Oh No! The New UFC Owners Might Be Getting Rid Of Announcers Joe Rogan And Mike Goldberg



When the UFC was sold this summer we knew that would mean some changes. What we didn’t expect was for the two cornerstones of every major UFC event, announcers Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, would be going away.

However, that may exactly be the case, according to a new report.

Despite the fact that Rogan signed a new deal after UFC 200, it was only for one year. And now it seems that the UFC’s new owners, WME-IMG, are looking for a change.

MMA insider Dave Meltzer reports that WME-IMG is looking to move production of their shows from in-house to whichever network wins the next TV deal.

The deal between UFC and FOX, signed back in 2011, will be coming to an end in 2018 and the UFC is reportedly looking for somewhere around $450 million from the next network that they partner up with. And according to those networks, the “hype masters” we’ve grown to know and love, Rogan and Goldberg, may not survive.

Personally, I would hate to see that happen, but with WME-IMG having shelled out $4.3 billion I guess it’s now their playground so we will all have to play by their rules. Even if we don’t like them.

H/T Uproxx