Lorde Shared A Close-Up Cleavage Shot To Instagram And You Don’t See That Every Day

by 3 years ago
lorde instagram pics

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If there was one singer I thought would not fall prey to the lure of the sexy Instagram selfie I would have picked Lorde. In the year-plus I have been following her on Instagram she’s shared two swimsuit pics (a one-piece, natch) and pretty much zero other sexy candid shots. Unlike pretty much every other young singer, it just doesn’t seem like her “thing.”

Sure, she’s worn a few revealing outfits to red carpet events (case in point above), but rarely do we see it on social media.

Then I started noticing a different vibe to some of Lorde’s pictures over the last month, culminating with a photo she shared over the weekend of a close-up shot of her cleavage.

Follow along with me and you’ll see what I mean.

Four weeks ago, this shot. A little out of character compared to her usual Instagram fare, but okay.

Two weeks ago, this one. Nothing spectacularly sexy, but still not the usual type of stuff she posts.

Then six days ago she shot a selfie striking a pose while wearing a nurse’s outfit.

And over the weekend, she posted this…

By comparison to her usual Instagram pics, this is by far an outlier. So is Lorde finally giving in to the lure of the salacious social media selfie like every other young singer?

Dammit, Taylor Swift. You reveal your belly-button and ever since then all hell has broken loose!

I’ll be monitoring this situation and update everyone if further developments warrant.

And since I know you’re curious, here were the swimsuit pics she shared back in January.