Lorde Shared A Close-Up Cleavage Shot To Instagram And You Don’t See That Every Day

by 3 years ago
lorde instagram pics

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If there was one singer I thought would not fall prey to the lure of the sexy Instagram selfie I would have picked Lorde. In the year-plus I have been following her on Instagram she’s shared two swimsuit pics (a one-piece, natch) and pretty much zero other sexy candid shots. Unlike pretty much every other young singer, it just doesn’t seem like her “thing.”

Sure, she’s worn a few revealing outfits to red carpet events (case in point above), but rarely do we see it on social media.

Then I started noticing a different vibe to some of Lorde’s pictures over the last month, culminating with a photo she shared over the weekend of a close-up shot of her cleavage.

Follow along with me and you’ll see what I mean.

Four weeks ago, this shot. A little out of character compared to her usual Instagram fare, but okay.