Map Shows States Where Most Sex Toys Are Purchased And WOW! California Destroyed Everyone!

While guys have a handy, portable fake vagina literally in their hands at all times, ladies don’t have that luxury. Sure they can use a finger or two, but it doesn’t always do the trick. But they do have options in various sex toys that will substitute for man meat with the flick of a button and flick of a bean.

The good folks over at Fusion asked sex toy entrepreneurs, Jimmyjane, for their sales data broken down by state. The dildo distributor happily obliged.

Jimmyjane is “design products and experiences to provide pleasure, strengthen connection and create provocative possibility.” In other words they make buzzing rods that females use to jill off. Most of their products are marketed to women, but they also offer a few toys for men and couples.

They’re very serious about fake tallywackers. They even sell a 24-karat gold vibrator. For some odd reason it is called “Little Gold” and not “Goldmember.”


Here’s how Fusion came up with the numbers on which states are really churning their butter:

The figures provided by Jimmyjane come from online sales through the company’s website, and span from Jan. 1, 2015 to Sept. 15, 2015. Unlike Adam & Eve’s data, which breaks down sex toy sales per capita, I ranked Jimmyjane’s top selling locales based on the percentage of total transactions in each state and city. This means the highest ranking places are the ones that are making the most transactions online. (Since the company didn’t provide a breakdown of each state’s sales, I wasn’t able to determine a per capita ranking.)

Let’s see which state loves themselves some counterfeit cock.

California beat out everyone (Or should I say out beat). Nearly 29 percent of all transactions come from the Golden State (Wonder if the nickname was derived from all the Little Golds that they buy). The next closest is New York with a puny 7 percent followed by Texas with 6 percent. Rounding out the top ten are Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, Virgina and Colorado.

Excuse me while I go open up a battery store in California, and make a gazillion dollars.


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