They Found Marilyn Monroe’s First Ever Nude Photos, In Case You’re Curious What Your Grandpa Jacked It To


Limited Runs

NOTE: My apologies. These made the rounds back in July and I somehow missed them. But hey, come on, it’s not like you’ve never watched the same porn twice.

It’s pretty easy to find shit to masturbate to these days. Hell, it’s certainly easier than opening a small business, that’s for sure, what with America’s byzantine tax code and the labyrinthine of rules and regulations that is Obamacare.

You’d have a much easier time jacking it instead.

That wasn’t the case in the late 1940s. In the 1940s you could open a general store in a matter of minutes — all you needed was some barrels of grain, a few pieces of hard toffee, and a hammer to re-shoe horses and you had yourself a business — whereas finding a picture of a naked woman was damn near impossible.

That’s why these first ever nude shots of Marilyn Monroe that were just discovered are now considered to be worth millions.

They’re from a calendar shoot she did in 1949 for photographer Tom Kelley. Monroe earned $50 for it. Her movie studio at the time was against her posing nude, telling Monroe that it could hurt her career.

Man. Like I said. The 1940s was fucking weird. They didn’t even have the flames emoji to describe these.

Anyway, you probably wanna see the nude photos. That can be done by clicking here. REMEMBS, they’re not safe for work!

[H/T Esquire]

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