Meet The ‘McDonald’s Goddess’ Who Has All The Boys Flocking To Her Restaurant

mcdonalds goddess Wei Han Xu Weiwei

Wei Han Xu, Instagram

Wei Han Xu, also known as Weiwei, is causing quite a stir at her McDonald’s in Taiwan. After some photos of her working at her job were posted on a Web site over there she suddenly become an Internet sensation with guys making special trips to her restaurant just to get a glimpse of her. They’ve even started referring to her as the “McDonald’s Goddess.” Wonder what Ronald thinks of that?

It’s worth nothing that they do some things a little differently at McDonald’s over in Taiwan. Not only are there the obvious menu differences, they also like to have their employees dress up in costume now and then including having them wear things like maid outfits, sailor uniforms, cheerleader costumes as well as doctors’ and nurses’ garb.

Here she is in one of the maid costumes…

Weiwei, who is currently in college, has been working at McDonald’s for the past five years, and also works as a model, has suddenly earned newfound fame and as a result has appeared on several variety shows over in Taiwan.

According to Rocket News, her boss at McDonald’s isn’t as thrilled about this new notoriety as she is, despite the additional customers. Apparently a lot of the people who now come to visit spend a good chunk of their time just hanging around the counter trying to talk to her or take a photo with Weiwei and then leave without buying a thing.

Of course, as any aspiring star would do, she has a strong social media presence on both Facebook as well as Instagram where she shares tons of funny and cute photos, both in and out of her McDonald’s uni.

Here’s a little sampling…

H/T Rocket News