Reminder: McKayla Maroney Still Has Cleavage, Still Wants You To See It

McKayla Maroney doesn’t want us to forget her.

It has been almost five months to the day since we last checked in on our favorite unimpressed gymnast McKayla Maroney. Hard to believe isn’t it? Looks as if much like last night with Sara Jean Underwood, we needed a reader to wake us up to this fact.

The last time we saw McKayla she was answering Twitter questions while sitting on her bed. She did a part two to that video a month later and we haven’t seen nor heard much out of her since.

Then last night she shared the photo you see above and we were reminded that she was still around so I thought I would let everyone know. Good idea or great idea?

Here’s what else she’s been up to over the past five months. Apparently the blonde thing didn’t last very long.