Mel B Claims Ex-Husband Knocked Up Hot German Nanny During Affair (11 PICS)

Last week, Matt informed us that Mel B. was getting a divorce from her soon-to-be ex-husband Stephen Belafonte because their open relationship caused jealousy. Now the former Spice Girl claims that Belafonte knocked up the hot nanny that was employed to watch their children.

In court papers, Mel said her estranged husband had an affair with the sexy nanny and got her pregnant. Lorraine Gilles was employed by the couple for seven years to take care of their three children until Mel fired the stunning nanny after suspicions that she was having sex with her husband.

“(He) would degrade me in front of her by comparing me to Lorraine, telling me how much younger and better looking she was,” the 41-year-old “America’s Got Talent” star alleges. “I later discovered that (he) was having sex with Lorraine and was paying her.”

Gilles was allegedly paid $300,000 for her “nanny services” from Belafonte. Mel B believes that Belafonte knocked up Lorraine and demanded that she have an abortion.

Belafonte allegedly “went ballistic” when Mel fired the 26-year-old nanny in 2015.

I hope Mel B didn’t post the same pic on Facebook and it comes back to ask her if she wants to share this “memory.”

Looks like Stephen and Lorraine have a very good working relationship.

Lorraine moved from Germany to Los Angeles in 2007. She used a website called Harri to find part-time work and the celebrity couple hired her from the site.

“It wasn’t something she wanted to make a career out of,” Lorraine’s sister Jacquelyn Baartz told the Daily Mail. “But they were kind to her.”

On Monday, Mel B was reportedly granted a restraining order from Belafonte, over claims he physically attacked and sexually exploited her during their 10-year marriage. The restraining order states he must stay away from Mel and her three daughters.

There are also allegations that Belafonte owns a gun despite being prohibited from carrying firearms as part of a previous domestic violence conviction with another woman.

The judge ordered Belafonte to leave the family home in the Hollywood hills. The couple separated in December, and divorce papers were filed last month.

Rich ladies, if you allow your husband to hire a hot young nanny you’re gonna have a bad time. Here are photos of the lovey Lorraine and she’s quite the distraction.