Hollywood Hottie Mikaela Hoover: An EXCLUSIVE Photo Shoot And Q&A

Back in August we did a profile on an up-and-coming actress named Mikaela Hoover because we thought she was a woman on her way to becoming a star in Hollywood (plus she’s rather easy on the eyes – that too).

Fast forward five months later and we thought we’d check in with Mikaela to see what’s been happening with her acting career, learn a little bit more about her and of course, see if she wouldn’t mind posing for more of those sexy pictures we enjoyed so much back in August. Lucky us, but she agreed and after seeing the resulting photos and our little Q&A with Mikaela we think you’re going to love her just as much as we do.

You had a part in this summer’s blockbuster film Guardians Of The Galaxy, tell us a little bit about that and what impressed you the most about being a part of film of that magnitude?

I was lucky enough to have a small cameo in Guardians and get to work with writer/director James Gunn. I had worked on several previous projects with Gunn and every actor who works with him knows he is the best! I knew from the moment he told me that he was writing and directing Guardians that it was going to be huge. Gunn put his heart and soul into the film and it shows.

Any actors on that set that blew you away? Gotta be Chris Pratt, right?

I wasn’t in any scenes with Chris, but I will say that he is exactly how you would imagine him. He is extremely down to earth and kind. I was lucky enough to work next to Glenn Close which was pretty surreal. I remember sitting in the makeup chair next to Close wanting to pinch myself. I also really enjoyed working with Peter Serafinowicz.

As we mentioned when we did a profile on you in the fall you had a lot of interesting projects going on this fall, which one of those are you most proud of and want fans to keep an eye out for?

Thank you guys for that write up! I’m really excited for Zombie Basement to come out! It stars Angela Kinsey, Graham Rogers & Daryl Sabara. Here’s the trailer. I also have a couple short films circling the festivals. One is Hide & Seek which was produced by a guy who knows his horror films, Peter Safran (The Conjuring, Annabelle) and directed by Carles Torrens (Apartment 143). The second one is a comedy called Another Happy Anniversary. It’s stars Nikki DeLoach and Hayes MacArthur.

What do you have planned acting-wise for 2015? Any other juicy roles we should be looking forward to seeing?

I’m hoping to book a pilot that gets picked up this season! Fingers crossed! This week I’m filming an AFI film called Frontman — with Kris Polaha and McKaley Miller. It’s about a rock star who loses his hearing. I play the ambitious rock star’s manager/girlfriend.

What’s your ultimate acting goal? Do more movies or perhaps land a long-term role on a TV show? Or do you not have a preference?

I have done a lot of sitcoms and really enjoy that. I am also a huge psychological thriller/horror fan so I would love to do a good scary movie.

Obviously you are not only a good actress, but you’ve also dabbled in the world of modeling. Do you have any more modeling jobs coming up that should be on our radar?

Aww, thank you. I was lucky enough to shoot these photos with two of my extremely talented friends photographer Sheenon Olson and makeup/hair pro Rob Scheppy. We got a bunch of junk food, listened to loud music and goofed around. It was a lot of fun! As far as upcoming gigs, my manager just got a call from FHM UK magazine so I’m looking forward to that!

On the more personal front, we have two more questions. First, what’s your favorite meal?

I’m going to get so much crap for saying this, but there a few things better in life than a Big Mac.

And of course, we have to ask, for all the guys out there, what would be your dream date?

I’m from a small town in Washington so naturally I love crappy dive bars. I am also a homebody so staying in and watching a scary movie with pizza or takeout is my heaven.

You just made a lot of guys really happy with those answers.

To see the rest of Mikaela’s sexy pics from this photo shoot just scroll back up to the top and click on the arrows. You won’t regret it.

Photos: Sheenon Olson; Makeup and hair: Rob Scheppy