I’m Starting To Think Miley Cyrus Is Allergic To Shirts, Hence These Topless Instagram Photos

by 4 years ago


Is it possible to be allergic to shirts? I guess you could be allergic to latex shirts if that’s a thing that exists (which I don’t think does), or cotton? Can people be allergic to cotton? That shit is everywhere, so even though I’m not a doctor I doubt it. But what do I know? There’s got to be a logical explanation that Miley Cyrus keeps posting topless Instagram photos other than “Idk it’s a Tuesday why not,” and I’m starting to suspect it’s because she’s either allergic to shirts or she lost 50% of her wardrobe in a dumpster fire.

Why her shirts were in a dumpster I couldn’t tell ya, even if I tried.

[Images via Instagram]

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