Miley Cyrus Broke Out The Nipple Pasties To Do A Little Work In The Studio

Miley Cyrus is literally a one-woman party.

Unlike many of her friends, Miley Cyrus was one of the few stars not to attend Coachella this weekend. But don’t think that she wasn’t having any fun on her own. Instead of attending the festival Miley Cyrus spent part of the weekend in the studio with music producer Mike Will Made It. Of course Cyrus had to bust out what appears to be some glittery Band-Aids to put over her nipples with her pair of overalls while she hung out there because, well, Miley.

Later on Cyrus shared another photo, still working the Band-Aids and snuggling with her pups, saying in pure Miley-speak, “dat day all yo fwends are at coachella still tweakin & u juzzz at home cuddlin yo pups in zit cream and nipple pasties #iliterallywokeuplikedis.”

Who needs Coachella, right Miley?