Miley Cyrus Won Presidents Day With Some Seriously Sexy Underboob

Miley Cyrus loves America.

I don’t know why Miley Cyrus waited until so late in the day on Presidents Day to drop this SMOKING HOT underboob photo to her Instagram account. I’m just glad that she did. This is the sexiest I think I may have ever seen Miley Cyrus look.

Though I do wonder when this photo was taken considering the hairstyle. Not that it really matters. Maybe she’s wearing a wig? Eh, who knows? It’s Miley Cyrus looking normal and in turn way more sexy than the woman we usually see lately.

More stuff like this Presidents Day photo Miley and less like this, please. Thanks.

Photographer Brian Bowen Smith was also nice enough to blow it up for us so we can get the full effect. He’s a good photographer like that.