Miley Cyrus Is Now Selling The Dumbest Product Ever By Posing Topless With A Couple Of Chicken Wings

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Sometimes posing topless can be sexy. Other times it can be gross if your boobs sag to the ground and your nipples are the length of stretched-out bubble gum, and occasionally it’s just baffling.

Miley Cyrus’ newest topless photo falls into that third category. Not just because she decided to include chicken wings in her photo, but because she’s using it to sell fake “Miley-Bob” teeth.

Get your bubz now #mileybob

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What are Miley-Bob teeth, you ask? Why they’re what she’s wearing in the photo, and the very best way to blow $10 on something that you might wear for exactly one Halloween and then will promptly lose under your bed because your closet is too full of shit to fit your costume, only to find them a year later covered in dust. “Why the fuck did I buy these again? Oh yeah, last Halloween. What a waste of $10!” you’ll say to yourself as you brush them off right before throwing them into a garbage bin. That’s $10 you’ll never get back, but it’s okay because you got to see a topless Miley posing with chicken, right?

Oh, and here’s Miley in a bathrobe, because why the fuck not.

So fucking extra

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