Miley Cyrus Is Now Doing Topless Photo Shoots With Bruce Willis’ Daughters

Miley Cyrus has now expanded her #freethenipple campaign to include others.

Miley Cyrus doing topless pics with Bruce Willis’ daughter Scout Willis was destined to happen at some point, I suppose. Scout is after all the woman who walked around New York City topless in her effort to #freethenipple last year.

Scout’s sister Tallulah wasn’t as into this shoot as the other ladies, not “freeing the nipple” like they were, but she did join Miley and Scout for one provocative photo where she seems to be cracking up at the whole goings-on. One can only imagine the things being said throughout this shoot.

Here are some of the photos taken by photographer Mert Alas that we can actually show you here. They tried to censor a few of the other photos, but their star-placement skills apparently still need a little work.

Check out the rest of the pics over at Alas’ Instagram account.