Miranda Kerr Says She’s A Really Big Fan Of Being Naked And Here’s Proof She Isn’t Lying

Despite modeling clothes for a living, though sometimes those clothes can be very tiny, former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr says she’s actually a fan of wearing nothing at all. At least according to a new interview she did to go with her cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

Kerr’s desire to get home after two weeks of swanning is crystal clear. Back to California — the water, cups of tea, and her silk robe. “And nothing else. Just around the house. I love taking my shoes off and being in the grass. Or sunbaking naked.” She sighs. “I wish I could go skinny-dipping in the ocean. If I didn’t have to worry about anyone taking my picture, I’d totally be out there. Yeah … ” She folds up her notepad. “I quite like to be naked.”

In fact, Kerr is such a fan of being naked she just went ahead and shot the cover photo for the magazine without a top. Good for her.

Just for fun here’s a little more proof of Miranda’s comfort level going au natural…

Yeah, I can see why Orlando Bloom wouldn’t be able to work things out with a woman like her. Stupid Legolas.