Miss Bumbum Brazil Dai Macedo Shared SIX New Workout Videos And One Hell Of A Photo

I’m not sure when Dai Macedo’s reign as Miss Bumbum Brazil is going to officially come to an end, but whoever takes over the title next has got her work cut out for her if she wants to be even half as amazing as Macedo.

The next winner is going to have to really be on top of her social media game to be even close to as impressive as Dai Macedo has been during her reign, as she’s shared more hot workout videos and photos than about 99% of the people on Instagram.

My hope is that the winner will end up being Indianara Carvalho, who has already posed topless at the Eiffel Tower. She seems like she’d be the type of woman who is up to the task of following in Macedo’s footsteps.

Anyway, enough yapping, here are the videos and photo I promised you.

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