Miss March Chelsie Aryn Dressed Up Like A Sexy Cowgirl Might Lock Her In As Playmate Of The Year

Chelsie Aryn playboy playmate video

YouTube - PlayboyTV

When we introduced you guys to Chelsie Aryn, Playboy’s March Playmate of the Month, a few weeks back she was, how shall I put this, very well received. Yes, that pretty much nails it and so does this GIF from her smoking hot new video.

The reason for her popularity a few weeks ago was, well, just look at her. She’s gorgeous.

Chelsie Aryn playboy playmate

YouTube - PlayboyTV

And now, Chelsie Aryn pulled the cowgirl outfit in the desert card on us and as of today she’s hands-down got my vote for the next Playmate of the Year. Wait, do I actually get to vote on that? Be right back. I need to do some checking. Enjoy the video while I’m gone.