Hot Bombshell Miss Oklahoma Olivia Jordan Is Miss USA 2015 And — OF COURSE — She Has An Amazing Instagram



Bros! Did you watch Miss USA tonight? Probably not considering that (a. the pageant wasn’t on network TV thanks to Donald Trump’s controversial remarks lately (it was on Reelz… What the hell channel number is Reelz?) and (b. The Donald himself didn’t even watch. But it happened and now we have a new lady wearing the Miss USA crown. She is Miss Oklahoma Olivia Jordan. She’s 26, hails from Tulsa, and graduated from Boston University in 2011. Fun fact! She was an extra in Ted. And then after she graduated, she made the move to L.A. to make a goal at the whole actress/modeling thing.

So, Olivia Jordan is now the 64th Miss USA. And of course, we’re here to show you why you should be following her on Instagram.

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