This 20-Year-Old Model Claims That Scott Disick Confessed His Love To Her And Is Hooking Up With No One Else–LOL

The Lord has resurrected!

Scotty D has been on a seven month headline hiatus but has come back in a big way. Just last week, Disick was  in Costa Rica for filming of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when he was kicked out out of the house for sneaking a chick with him down there. Instead of trying to reconcile with the Kardashian clan, the Lord jetted to Miami and make out with a couple of bikini babes that are not Kourtney.

Now, a 20-year-old model has come out saying that she was the girl Disick brought to Costa Rica and tried to hide in his room. What’s more, is that the girl, named Bella Banos, has come out and said that Disick has fallen in love with her. She’s apparently not big on subtlety.

Per In Touch,

“Scott calls me his girl and we have said ‘I love you,’” Bella, who met the father-of-three almost two years ago through an ex of hers, explains. “At first, Scott was just my friend. But he got to know me on a different level. We’re super connected.”

“Scott will call and say, ‘I miss you. I want to see you.’ He always flies me to wherever he is. We spend so much time together.”

As far as the squad of women Disick recently surrounded himself with in Miami, Bella claims everything was platonic with those girls. Riiiight.

Here are some photos of the 20-year-old bombshell.