Meet The Model Who Denim Companies Consider To Have A ‘Perfect’ Butt When It Comes To Designing Jeans

Over the past 2 years I’ve almost completely stopped wearing jeans, not just because leggings are 500% more comfortable and a helluva lot cheaper ($10 compared to $50 for a pair of jeans), but because jeans never really seem to fit me right. Too short, too long, too tight or not tight enough, I just can’t win…and now I know why.

Because Natasha Wagner, a 34-year-old model from Los Angeles, hates me.

…or at least her butt does. Or maybe her butt isn’t a sentient being like I’m assuming here and I’m just not a 5’8″ model with a thigh gap the size of the Grand Canyon. According to Jennifer De Clark, the senior director of women’s design and merchandising for 7 For All Mankind (a clothing store I’ve never heard of until 5 minutes ago), Natasha has curves in “all the right places.” As she explained to Vogue,

‘Natasha’s curves are in all the right places.’

‘…And having the perfect proportions is key to a great jean that will fit many different body types. She is the perfect size 28!’

Black Orchid designer Julien Jarmoune also noted that Natasha, who is 5’8″ and slender with a hint of curves, has the ‘perfect marriage of body types’.

With her 28-inch waist she is the median in the standard range of jean sizes, which typically run from a size 24 to size 32.(via)

Fun fact: I have a 24-inch waist which I just learned apparently makes me the demon hell-spawn of the denim world. I always knew I was destined to ruin lives and murder friendships, but I never thought that realization would really hit home after reading about what size pants this lady wears.

‘A jean that is fit on a straight body will never look good on someone who has curves,’ Julien noted. ‘That’s why Natasha comes into play perfectly. She has the best of both worlds where she’s slim and she still has shape.’

Julien added that Natasha’s above-average height helps her fit his brand’s 30-inch leg inseam ‘flawlessly’.

Natasha explained that fitting jeans on a small size 24 model would flatten a size 32 woman’s behind, while using a size 32 model would result in jeans that have ‘too much curve’ for customers with straighter figures.(via)

I’m going to cut this short right here because:

1. The chances that you actually care about the science behind determining the correct sizes to base pant sizes off of is impressively slim
2. The chances that I actually care about the science behind determining the correct sizes to base pant sizes off is 0

So instead here’s a bunch of photos of Natasha’s “perfect” butt. Jenn Selter she ain’t, but then again most people aren’t, which is exactly the point.

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