Model Sarah Stage Looks Crazy Good In A Bikini Just ONE WEEK After Giving Birth

Remember Sarah Stage, the hot model/Instagram star who caused quite an Internet stir because at eight months pregnant she had the smallest of baby bumps?

Well, Sarah Stage had her baby last week. It was a boy weighing 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and boom, she was right back in a bikini yesterday looking as fit as ever.

Amazing. She also posted this next photo just FOUR days after giving birth and claimed to have gained just 28 pounds while pregnant. Either she has the complete opposite type of Photoshop skills that Lindsay Lohan has or she’s just some kind of physical anomaly.

Stage says she going to resume working out in just a few weeks, so I guess we’ll have a lot more of what you see below to look forward to the rest of the year as she raises baby, huh? Sounds good.