The Actress Who Played Britney Spears In That Horrible Lifetime Movie Is Pretty Hot IRL Too

Natasha Bassett, the 24-year-old Australian actress who played Britney Spears</a in that Lifetime movie Britney Ever After, is hot.

I know this because I foolishly thought that a biopic about one of my favorite women in the world, Britney Spears, and her trainwreck of a life in the early years of her career would be good.

So I watched it. For 10 whole minutes. That was all I could take. It was just… so awful.

Hard to believe since SO MUCH WORK was put into it…

When the time came to depict Spears’ darker days, Bassett tells Us that it was emotionally taxing. “Sometimes with this movie, they would do 20 different camera angles for one emotional scene. So sometimes I was just crying for seven hours, which is not always fun. But now I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Britney because the way she dealt with the challenges she was facing in her life, she dealt with those challenges in an amazing way,” Bassett adds, pointing to the pop star’s triumphant return to the spotlight in 2008 when she released her sixth studio album, Circus. “She came out on top in the end, and so much stronger.”

That paragraph right there was more entertaining than the movie was.

On the plus side, however, I discovered who Natasha Bassett is and that, naturally, she has an Instagram account. So I share.

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