Nina Agdal Doesn’t Know The Most Basic Rule Of Baseball, Evident In This Colossal Fail At The Celeb Softball Game

All bros know that there is an positive correlation between how hot a girl is and the amount of shit we put up with. We become apologists for the actions of the beautiful because we are men and we simply cannot help ourselves.

If Lena Dunham thought baseball bags were simply a decoration, I’d probably create a petition to have her kicked out of the country. But if you’re one of the hottest supermodels in the world, I’ll just chalk it up to ‘LOL Nina being Nina.’ How endearing, how lovable. Marry me.

I’ll willingly gloss over the fact that Nina couldn’t have disrespected America’s past time more if she skinned a bald eagle while waving an ISIS flag. Why? For no other reason than I’d do horribly things for her to simply graze my leg by accident. My morals are about as strong as a jello shot. Fucking pathetic, but I owe no one an apology. Besides you, Nina. I should have emailed you the rules of a game that was invented before the cotton gin prior to your at bat. I’ll never forgive myself.


Reasonable. I guess.

Nina I can eventually get over you not knowing the simplest nuance about America’s pastime, but Trump should kick your ass back to Denmark for not knowing what cargo shorts are. You took mine off when you were over the other night, remember? Nope, no ya didn’t. But a guy I know. Him and her, GOT IT ON.

Can’t end this post without a couple pics for you boys to direct deposit into your spank banks.


[h/t Busted Coverage]

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