Here’s The $75,000/Night Private Island That Leonardo DiCaprio And Nina Agdal Are Vacationing On

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Yesterday a lot of the world was talking about Johnny Manziel’s vacation in Cabo, and his $3,900/night villa. That’s chump change compared to this private island that Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio and 24-year-old supermodel girlfriend Nina Agdal. As reported here on BroBible earlier in the month, Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal are allegedly bumping uglies again, which I guess is cool for Leo because she’s an absolute dime piece, and we’ll get to that in a minute as we look at photos of her in a bikini. But before we get to sexy pics of Nina Agdal I want to take a look at this absolutely insane $75,000/night private island that the two are staying on right now in The Bahamas.

It’s called Over Yonder Cay, and it’s located in The Exumas (in The Bahamas). According to PageSix Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t thought to be shelling out the $75,000/night fee for this private island, and he was invited by someone as a guest, but just look at what an annual salary buys you for one night:

via PageSix:

It’s believed that Leo did not pick up the tab for the stay, but was invited by a wealthy pal. He was pictured on the beach with Florida lawyer Horst Ferrero.
The stunning island in the Exumas features four villas that can each sleep 28.
DiCaprio and Agdal are on the trip with his best pal Lukas Haas and Haas’ girlfriend Josey Auguste, and other friends.
In keeping with DiCaprio’s ecowarrior status, the island’s almost entirely powered by wind and solar energy, via three wind turbines and a 1.5-acre solar field. The luxe oasis also has a nine-hole golf course, fitness center, movie theater, a fleet of boats and water-sports toys, as well as a staff of chefs and masseuses.

You can see A TON of photos from Over Yonder Cay on the island’s website, but here are a few I pulled real quick:

Now here’s what Nina Agdal’s been up to on Instagram recently:

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If you bros have ever been fortunate enough to spend time in The Exumas, where James Bond’s Thunderball was filmed, then you already know that it’s one of the most stunningly gorgeous places on the planet. Back in college I basically hit the lottery, and one of my best friends at the time invited me to come to The Exumas with him and his family and stay on his 120-foot luxury yacht for two weeks, and all I had to pay for was my bar tab. That was, without question, the best vacation of my life. I’ll be honest with you: It’s actually hard to not pickup chicks at The Atlantis when you’re staying on a 120-foot yacht in the harbor. Of course it’s much harder to not get laid when you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, and he could be at a funeral and still pull supermodels.

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