Nina Agdal Stripped Down To Nothing While Waiting For Domino’s Pizza And God Bless That Delivery Man



Nina Agdal is one of the hottest supermodels in the game right now. A few of us bros at BroBible got the opportunity to interview her back in February right after her photoshoot for Edge Shave Gel, in which she wore nothing but a shaving cream bikini, and I have never been more nervous to talk to a girl since the sixth grade. I felt truly repulsive standing next to her. Like, beyond reproach.

She has since started dating Leonardo DiCaprio and doesn’t have time for lowly bloggers like myself anymore, so my only option is creeping on her Instagram and pondering about what could have been.

Last night, Nina posted a particularly fire photo of her stripping down while waiting for the pizza delivery man. I enjoyed it, and I think you will too.

P.S. I guess it’s confirmed, Nina Agdal has pepperoni nipples. Good one, Matt. Loser.

God damn you, Leo. God damn you.

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