An Ultra-Sexy Nude Photo Of Elizabeth Hurley Is Up For Auction If That’s Something You’d Like To See

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elizabeth hurley nude photo auction

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Elizabeth Hurley is one of those women I often refer to as “aging backwards.” Salma Hayek is on that list. So is Jennifer Lopez and Christie Brinkley. Every time I see them they appear to be getting younger and sexier.

However, there is now one thing that Elizabeth Hurley has that none of those other women can claim: a sizzling hot nude photo from when she was just starting out in show business.

Another photo of Hurley posing on a bed in some revealing and very sexy lingerie at the Dorchester hotel is also a part of the auction.

Here’s a look at that photo below.

The pictures taken by by British photographer John Stoddart are up for auction along with over 20 other photographs from his collection.

The nude photo of Hurley taken around 1990 is expected to fetch somewhere between $610 and $880, according to the Mirror.

That right there is a real bargain if you ask me.

Why do I say that? Because they have the nude photo over on their Web site and it…is…good.

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