Olivia Munn Wearing A Bikini Is A Blessing That We Will Never Turn Down

Olivia Munn can be in a bikini every day as far as we’re concerned.

Did you know that Olivia Munn is 35-years-old? I wasn’t aware of this fact until just now. For some reason I decided to look up her age after seeing these pics and here I thought she was still in her late 20s. Perhaps it’s because she didn’t really hit it big until just the last several years that fooled me. That and the fact that she’s still got the body of a 20-something and her face still looks so dang young.

Hang on a sec, if she’s 35, how old is her boyfriend Aaron Rodgers? He can’t be that old. Let’s see… he’s 31 years-old. Nice. Not only did Olivia score a younger boyfriend she also grabbed the equivalent of the high school quarterback for adults since he’s the GD MVP.

Very impressive Miss Munn. And I’m not just talking about the bikini pics. (Though mostly I am.)



Here’s one more relatively recent pic just because it’s such a rare occurrence…


She sure does have some sexy friends, doesn’t she?