Olivia Munn’s Turks And Caicos Birthday Bikini Adventure Just Concluded Its Second Weekend

As most of you guys know I spend a lot of time on Instagram. Like A LOT. So it has not gone unnoticed by me that prior to Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers breaking up she posted almost zero provocative and/or sexy Instagram photos. Meanwhile, after breaking up with Aaron Rodgers, Olivia Munn’s Instagram account has been filled with photos like that.

No judgement there, just an observation. Obviously Munn felt that while she was in a relationship she had less desire to share such photos on social media. And now that she is not in one and has been spending a lot of time with her friends, such as this 37th birthday trip to Turks and Caicos, she is more inclined to share such photos. In other words, her relationship’s downfall has turned out to be quite the positive for those of us who follow her on social media.

Sadly, however, it appears that Munn’s lengthy stay in Turks and Caicos came to an end over the weekend, but not before she shared a few more memorable photos and videos from the beach. (Don’t forget to swipe where applicable…)

Olivia Munn, Instagram

Olivia Munn, Instagram

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