Here’s Olivia Munn Doing Clap Pushups On A Private Jet…It’s Funny Because Her BooBees Jiggle

Olivia Munn is not like you or me, she doesn’t fly coach with the plebeians. She’s got an estimated personal net worth of over $12 million AND she’s been dating Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers for quite some time, a man who not too long ago signed a 5-year contract extension worth $110 million which came with an NFL-record $62.5 million in guaranteed cash. So when Olivia Munn gets on a plane it’s a chartered jet AND she flies with her personal trainer, and I know she flies with a personal trainer because yesterday she uploaded two videos of her working out on a private plane.

P.s., yes, I misspelled boobies as BooBees intentionally. I have the same sense of humor as a 6th grader, and nothing will ever change about that.

The captions include something about how she’s flying with her personal trainer, blah blah blah. What I’m interested in here is how Olivia Munn completely beasts a set of clap pushups, and even though that video is short it’s rather amusing to see her chesticles jiggle every time she claps. And the second video, in that one Olivia Munn’s doing some sort of exercise I’ve never seen. This exercise is called the ‘divers’ and it’s hypnotically arousing…Now let’s get to the good before I keep rambling:

Aaaaaaand now for the ‘divers’ exercise:

So if you’re wondering what Olivia Munn’s trainer looks like and whether or not she’s hot, don’t worry, she uploaded pics of them boarding the plane (yoga pants butt shot) and laughing while eating strawberries…because strawberries are so goddamn hilaridad:

Hey Miami. Omw. #ridealong2

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Love this girl @brittany.farrar 🍓🍍

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