MMA Hottie Paige VanZant Was Back In A Bikini And DAMN, Look At That Booty

paige vanzant bikini pics

Paige VanZant, Instagram

For those who are unaware, Paige VanZant is quickly becoming one of the faces of women’s mixed martial arts. The 21-year-old former model is now 5-1 in her career, 2-0 in the UFC and as we saw last month, one of the UFC fighters gifted with her own sweet Reebok kit.

She also, as we already know, looks pretty nice in a bikini.

So what is it about seeing successful athletes stripped down and showing some skin that’s so extra appealing? ESPN knows we love it, that’s why they do their “Body Issue.” Sports Illustrated has known it for years with athletes donning swimsuits and bodypaint. Do we love it because it’s sort of out of character for them? I’m not sure.

Whatever the reason, we DO love it, and we DO love the fact that Paige VanZant is both successful and willing to share her bikini pics with us on Instagram. No wonder UFC is banking hard on her in the future.

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