UFC Hottie Paige VanZant Was Back On The Beach Showing Off Her Well-Toned Bikini Booty


Paige VanZant, who I once thought based on her fighting skill as well as comments made by Dana White, was going to be one of the next faces of women’s MMA hasn’t fought since last December.

That fight was her first loss in the UFC and second of her career, but rather than come back and re-establish herself in the sport she spent 10 weeks on Dancing With The Stars, finishing in second place.

Now I know that she was really into dancing growing up so I guess I can’t blame her for doing it, but I was really hoping she’d be more active in MMA this year, especially after the loss. Though with the beating she took in her last fight I suppose it’s possible that she may not have been medically cleared this whole time.

I, for one, hope that her trip back into the world of dance hasn’t changed her position when it comes to fighting, because watching her fight in the past has been a blast. Girl is tough as nails and I want to see more of her in the Octagon.

Of course none of that has to do with why we are discussing her here today. Today it’s because the 22-year-old stunner was once again back on the beach showing off her super athletic physique in various swimsuits.

From the looks of these photos she’s definitely still in pretty damn good fighting shape. Perhaps all that dancing will make her even better on her feet if and when she does return to MMA.




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