Pamela Anderson Is Showing Off Her Nipples Again… You’ve Been Warned

For some reason, after WOWING us with models like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Suki Waterhouse and Isabeli Fontana, Love magazine decided to kill our boners completely by enlisting Pamela Anderson to shoot today’s advent calendar video.

Of course Pam being Pam and suddenly feeling like the world really needs to see her nipples again this year (this despite saying that she regrets posing naked, because of her kids) hers became the first one of the videos we’ve mentioned here to actually show some areola.

Naturally we could never show you such things, because, fun, (somehow it’s on on YouTube though). However not all is lost as I was able to grab this GIF and the screengrab you see above so you wouldn’t be totally disappointed. (Though you really should be.)

Also, because I can’t see how the video will manage to stay on YouTube much longer (they also hate fun) here’s a link to Love magazine where you can get all the Pam Anderson boob your bizarre little heart desires.