This Skintastic Photo Shoot Of Ciara Isn’t Going To Help Russell Wilson Stay Celibate

by 4 years ago
ciara shape magazine

Shape Magazine, Instagram

Ciara is not making things easy for poor Russell.

Remember that sexy behind the scenes video Ciara shot for Shape magazine we shared with you last week? Well, now we have some pictures and I think it’s pretty safe to say that Russell Wilson is going to have his hands full (pun intended) if he plans on keeping his promise to wait until marriage to have sex with Ciara.

How can Wilson possibly look at this photo of his girlfriend and not, you know?

I guess it’s that kind of mental toughness that got him not only to the NFL, but to the Super Bowl as well, despite the odds being stacked against him.

Good thing too, because between these pics and her new music video the odds of him not wanting to break his promise before all is said and done? Those are pretty steep too.

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