This Playboy Playmate Is ‘Obsessed’ With Stocks And Makes Great Money As A Day-Trader

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Playboy’s 2014 “Playmate of the Year,” Kennedy Summers, is the subject of a fascinating profile by Julia La Roche over at Business Insider.

It turns out in addition to her modeling career at Playboy, Summers actively trades stocks. And the 28-year-old Playboy model is making relatively good money doing it, according to Business Insider.

The passion comes from when she was approached to be a speaker at a conference in New York last year, reports BI. She then started doing free classes with Cyber Trading University, which doesn’t pay her but they waive fees for her in exchange for promotion.

Even though her grandfather was a banker, she’s still mostly a model. She’s not a full-time trader yet. Just a model who toys around for some supplemental income. Here’s what her routine looks like:

Since Summers lives in LA, she wakes up around 5 a.m. PT and trades “usually at home in my pajamas.” Cyber Trading University lets Summers use its chat-room services for free. (The service costs $297 per month. Summers said she promotes them on Twitter to her more than 15,000 followers).

Summers said she likes to trade the most active stocks, the big gainers and losers, because of volume and volatility.

Day trading has also been a way for Summers to supplement her income. Modeling doesn’t always mean a consistent paycheck. To be fair, neither does trading.

“It’s a good supplement to earn some extra money.”

Summers claimed that on a good day she can make around $600. There have been some days where she’d lose around $1,300, she said. On days when she loses, she said it makes her want to work harder.

“I just try to balance it. I can’t win everyday,” she said.

Hey — If you’re making $600 a day 10 days a month, that’s going to average out to $6000 a year x 12 = $72,000 a year in pre-tax supplemental income. Obviously some of that will be absorbed by losses on bad days and there’s a pretty hefty capital gains tax to pay, but that’s still most of America’s salaried day jobs. Plus she finishes her day up by the early afternoon on the West Coast, which gives her the rest of the day to do whatever she please.


That early closing bell on the West Coast leaves plenty of time for posting selfies on Twitter:





That 5AM alarm clock, though. Sounds brutal.

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