Pole Dancing Competition Features 8-Month Pregnant Stripper Waxin’ The Pole With Her Bulbous Belly Bump

So I’ve been off for the past few days, eating my body weight in clams and lobster up in southern Maine at a cousin’s wedding on an island off of Portland. I didn’t know what the first piece of blog content would be when I hopped back into the saddle and looked for something to share with you bros, but here we are. In this clip of a UK pole dancing competition there’s a woman who is 7.5+ months pregnant, she’s got the gigantic baby bump to prove it, and she’s even taken the liberty of decorating the aforementioned baby bump to ensure that there’s no confusion of whether or not she’s got a pot belly or a baby in there.

The video’s YouTube description says more about this video than I ever could:

Seven and a half month pregnant pole dancer Kat Bailey competed in Pole Theatre UK’s Semi Pro & Pro pole dancing competition alongside her performance partner Danielle Haynes at The Forum Hertfordshire in Hatfield, Saturday.
Kat Bailey competed in the ‘Pole Comedy’ category, entering the stage alongside partner Danielle Haynes dressed as old ladies before throwing off the costume to reveal Kat’s baby bump and the pair’s pole dancing routine.
Pole Theatre UK’s Semi Pro & Pro pole dancing competition features four categories. Pole Art, which incorporates another dance style with artistic performance, Pole Drama, which features performances that tells a story, Pole Comedy, which incorporates comedic elements and humour and Pole Classique, which incorporates the sexy/sensual and striptease.

I like to think that the reason this mother entered the pole dancing competition when she’s 8-months pregnant was to have that ultimate trump card video for whenever her future son gets unruly. Like 15 years from now when her son thinks he’s figured the world out, is acting like a dick and needs a slice of humble pie, that mom can bust out that video in front of his friends and absolutely ruin his life. She’s got this clip forever.

(via Bossip)