Public Service Announcement (All guys are dogs.. And All girls are cats)

​This is a Public Service Announcement. (All guys are dogs.. And all girls are cats)

The thing is most women DON’T logically figure why they want or desire YOU! your response: well girls don’t want or desire me… That is, until you tear down her superficiality (for lack of a better word) cognitively with a strong emotional appeal. (Meaning do something that provokes HER emotions, either blatantly or subtly). This is achievable by interacting in a sexual manor; for fucks sake it has to go both ways man, now first moves on you bud. Go ahead and grab her hand as soon as you meet her. Good, now tell her they’re super rough. She’ll think you’re a dick, therefore you have a dick. or at the very least a pair of BALLS. “I think, therefore I am” – Rene Descartes. Quickly move on. (Please be original, smashing, charming, yourself and think on your feet… all four of them you dog). Can she see herself fucking you as soon as she meets you? No? Well that’s normal. Hopefully this brings insight to the saying, one thing led to another. It would be theoretically and physically IMPOSSIBLE for 6-star dudes to get 10-star women if we, as MASCULINE beings were not able to emotionally attract women… obviously. To whom it may concern (dudes who can’t seem to get laid): Here is a K.I.S.S. version. Understand that women LOVE sex MORE than you. YES YOU! Women want you to show them that its Okay. This understanding is the missing piece to the procreative jigsaw known as SEX (at least in your case). This is picking up girls, GOING IN simplified (Potential title). When it comes to approaching girls, Don’t limit yourself to the 7 scenarios written by our dear friend Alex Matlock in How to Know Which Women to Approach; Seriously APPROACH AS MANY WOMEN AS YOU CAN. Your only prerequisite, learn to be incredibly social, you ever get the feeling women are more socially complex then men? yeah, me too.

This comes even before the approach,.. You’re on your own until next post. à plus tard

Interim: If any of the Brobible authors/editors/Scouts like this, shoot me one. You have my info. To Alex, Awesome articles bro, Regards.


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