Let’s Kick Off Masters Week By Checking Up On Rickie Fowler’s Silly Hot Rumored Girlfriend, Lauren Barr

lauren barr

Today in Athletes I’d Do Shameful Things To Change Lives With, we welcome Rickie Fowler. No matter how the 27-year-old fares in the Masters this week (his 15/1 odds to win it ranks him sixth out of the field of about 90 golfers), he can hang his hat on the $5.7 million he made in winnings last year and the long-term endorsement deal he signed with Puma that will surely put food on the table of his children’s grandchildren.

And, oh ya, and his rumored girlfriend and ex-Bachelor contestant Lauren Barr is decent I guess.

You Bachelor bros may remember Lauren pulling the biggest power move in show history by rejecting a rose from all the other girls’ Prince Charming, only to return to home to light a spark with fellow Oklahoma State alum Slick Rick Fowler.

I would feel uncomfortable if she was at my dinner table. My dad would surely say something inappropriate.

lauren barr

Sweet baby Jesus. I count a total of zero pores on her face. She must carry around and air brush in her purse.

I would say Fowler is moving on up in the girl department but his ex is a goddamn supermodel. Hi Alexis Randock. Hi.


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Ok, while I got you all hot and bothered and we’re (kinda) on the subject of golf, I have JUICY opportunity for you.

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Basically, a no brainer.