OH HEAVENS NO! A Romanian Weathergirl And Her Co-Star Had Their Boobs Pop Out On Live TV!

Romanian weathergirls not only predict high-pressure systems, but they perform seductive dances. Unfortunately, when the the weathergirls dance, sometimes their their breasts pop out as seen here.

Daniela Crudu is a sizzling weathergirl, who dances on a Romanian show called “Guys Are Horndogs Who Will Watch Anything As Long As Girls Are Bouncing And There’s A Chance Some Tittays Might Pop Out” (Loose translation). Daniela had not only one wardrobe malfunction this week, but TWO wardrobe malfunctions this week! Poor girl. What are the chances? I don’t know guys. Either this Romanian weathergirl doesn’t know what size top to wear or maybe, just maybe, she is doing this on purpose.

Here’s Daniela losing her top.

Here’s Daniela losing her top. Again. Her dancing co-star also loses her top. Again, what are the chances?

Why was the video recorded with a clump of salamander feces?

Hopefully, Daniela is able to get some clothes that fit properly.

Romanian TV > American TV