Rosie Mac, Khaleesi’s Sexy Body Double, Just WILL NOT Stop Sharing Crazy Hot Photos

Why doesn’t Rosie Mac have her own TV show yet?

Seriously, I think we need to start doing like a weekly rundown of all the ridiculously sexy photos that Rosie Mac, the model/actress who works as Emilia Clarke’s double on Game of Thrones.

Checking in on her like once every couple of months just isn’t cutting it.

The last time we saw her she was taking a sexy bath, showing off some sideboob and before that she took one of the sexiest showers we’ve ever seen. The girl just WILL NOT quit.

Look at these photos! They’re just from the LAST WEEK! This is what she does in one week, people. I could literally put about 100 pics in here, but I had to stop somewhere. Damn…