Things I Did Not Know: Rumer Willis Has Got One Hell Of A Sexy Body

rumer willis hot body pics

Rumer Willis, Instagram

The last time I saw someone doing aerial yoga it was Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood doing it and needless to say I was VERY impressed.

So as I was perusing Instagram today I came across a photo of another lovely young woman doing some aerial yoga, but I couldn’t see her face. My initial thought was, “Damn, look at that butt. Aww, yeah…” Then I looked over and realized it was Rumer Willis, aka the Demi Moore/Bruce Willis daughter who isn’t walking around showing her tits all the time.

See what I mean?

But wait, there’s more… Then I looked a little closer at Rumer Willis’ Instagram account and found this recent photo.

Again, very impressive. But what about the front side, I wondered?

Dammmmn… right? Am I the only one who didn’t know Rumer Willis had this killer body on her? Now about that whole #freethenipple thing her sister is promoting…

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