Salma Hayek Shared A Sexy Video Of Herself Belly-Dancing And We Definitely Don’t Hate That

salma hayek belly dancing video

Salma Hayek, Instagram

Salma Hayek belly-dancing at age 49 is yet more proof that much like Jennifer Lopez, Christie Brinkley and Elizabeth Hurley, she too is now aging backwards.

She says this is for some exhibition and video called “I Saved My Belly Dancer” which opens November 6th in Paris at the Nathalie Obadia Gallery and runs through January 6th, 2016.

She also says that she will be posting other pieces next week, so, yeah, stay tuned…

Usually when I share something like this I take a look at the rest of the person in question’s Instagram account to see if there’s anything else good I can share with you, my faithful reader.

Unfortunately, Salma Hayek is not very good at Instagram when comes to sharing anything sexy. She usually just saves that for the red carpet. I did find this though and thought you might appreciate it.

Pretty good, right? The woman is 49, people. Amazing.

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