Swimsuit Goddess Samantha Hoopes Says She’d Like To Go One-On-One With Blake Griffin

We would definitely go on a date with Samantha Hoopes.

In the best news for an athlete since Lindsey Pelas said she wanted J.J. Watt to “slide into her DMs,” Sports Illustrated swimsuit goddess Samantha Hoopes says she’s all about hooking up with Clippers star Blake Griffin.

As they did when they broke the story of Pelas’ interest in Watt it is once again TMZ Sports bringing us this great news for Mr. Griffin. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t blow it like J.J. Watt did. These bros need to understand how much we live vicariously through them and do us these solids.

“Hey Blake, it’s Samantha Hoopes here. Do you ever want to shoot some hoops?” she coyly tells the camera.

But why Griffin, Samantha?

“I think he’s cute. I think he’s a good player. I think he’s a good package. He’s got freckles. My last name’s Hoopes. He plays basketball.”

All makes perfect sense to us. Let’s do this, Blake.

Speaking of freckles, how can Griffin possibly turn this down? How?

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