62-Year-Old Dennis Quaid Just Living The Dream, Dating A Hot Blonde Less Than Half His Age


Just look at that shit-eating grin.

Actor Dennis Quaid is 62-years-old, has been married three times, most famously to actress Meg Ryan, and just filed for divorce in June from a woman 17 years younger than him.

So the fact that he’s decided “fuck it” I am going to go out and date a model literally less than half his age, 30, and have the time of his life is totally cool with me. He’s earned it.

Her name is Santa Auzina and based on her Instagram account she is madly in love with his rich old ass dropping hashtags like #soulmate, #mylove and #spiritual all over the place.

Yeah, she’s got it good and she knows it. And judging by the looks of some of the pics she shares Quaid has it pretty freaking good too.

Check it…

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