These 14 New Sara Jean Underwood Pics Might Cause Your Brain To Catch Fire They’re So Freaking Hot
Used to be we’d check in on Sara Jean Underwood’s A+ rated Instagram account every Friday. That’s because hardly a day goes by that she doesn’t share something eye-poppingly sexy over there.

Well, we’ve been slacking lately and in the interim Sara’s done a couple of shoots that are guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

The first set of pics she shot were with photographer Steve Bitanga and as you will see, dude knows his stuff. We couldn’t even show you this one, but BONUS, he did share a sweet behind-the-scenes video.
The second photo shoot Sara did was with one of my favorite Instagram follows, Dreamstate. For this shoot there was a little pirate thing going on. It too was so good that I can’t show you this photo either.

Til next time, Sara.
(I don’t know who took that last photo, I just liked it a lot.)